Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Actually Happening!!!

So much has happened over these past few days, and as I sit here on the sand eating my Jewel OR' Juice Acai bowl it all just seems like a blur. Well as of today, finally started packing(guessing today was probably a good time to start ;) ) "How do you pack for a 4 month trip? " you might ask. Well all I can say is pack light. You know... just the a 70's inspired Penny skateboard to get you around town, a travel journal to remember all your adventures, and your Polaroid instant camera, to take random pictures with your friends in Jehovah's service . Yeah, the essentials :) .

From send off gatherings with the congregation, to my family, & to the boys, it's made me all come to appreciate again one thing.
That only because of our relationship with Jehovah, can we have the best friends and support in our lives. And that I am really going to be preaching the good news back in Italy! And will be away for 4 and a half months!!

The trippy thing is , by the time your sitting down reading this, I'm probably off the island, far away from home, maybe even out of the country. It's finally starting to hit me as I write this here at sandy's beach, eating my Acai bowl , sitting on the sand- & I realize I won't see this same ocean~ or bowl, for a long time! (Gasp + big eyes) :0 But yet I know, it will all go by so fast... and be just a blurr. There's much harvesting to do! Mahalo for all your support! Please pray for me. Love you all.

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