Friday, March 30, 2012

The Meetings

So we've been here for just about a week now, and had our first Sunday meeting at 11:00am and Wednsday night meeetings at 7:30. The last time I was here, the meeting attendance on Sundays, the biggest attendance day, was an average of about 50- to the low 60s. At our first meeting back, it was 85! Because of all the studies that came! I did not recognize the congregation! I must say I saw about 20 studies in attendance! And there were many people missing I was told. That gives you an idea of how much the congregation has grown! Now, some of the brothers will even go to the camps before the meetings to bring them with their cars.

The overall spirit of the congregation is real encouraging. Everyone is happy at the growth, and having a full share in the pioneer work. There are 41 publishers in the congregation, and this month 23 are auxillary pioneering! 10 are regular pioneering!

Right off the bat they put us back to work. We came here, and on the first day, saw our names all over the schedules! Dolce (sweet)! I was suppossed to have given the public talk at our first meeting, but lost my voice from the plane ride over, so wasn't able too. But- this sunday I will be going to a city called Modena (known for its Balsamic vinegar), to give one- super excited about that! This past Wednsday, I was able to talk, so had the privilege of the bible highlights, and then was asked to have a part in a demo on the service meeting. Erik had the congregation bible study reading. Feels like I'm really back, and feels real good to be involved right away.

Below you will see a picture of one man, from one of the refugee camps.His name is Edoka.The left of the picture was taken last year , and shows that, him at one of his first meetings here . And the picture on the right, was taken this past Wednsday. I was happy to be here to see.......

His first Bible reading! Just soo amazing. Jehovahs blessing and the growth of the Bologna English "congregazione", is definitely being seen here, even from the short time we left just a few months ago. Ciao!

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