Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This Is It!!!!


So basically, we had 3 hours to kill , here at LAX airport. After literally just cruising for the past 2 hours waiting for info on our flight , we thought it was really weird that our flight was leavin in a HALF HOUR & we still didn't see what gate it was in the screen. We were in the right place that was on our ticket.... Wrong building TOTALLY ticket!!! After running to the next building, convincing the guy at the already "closed" front desk to let us through , even though he didn't want too, and didn't even work there, running through security checkpoints asking people to cut- hearing our names being announced over the LOUDSPEAKER!......we find ourselves here. Waiting for our flight, about to leave the country for 4 and a half months. Just all part of the plan! Yup, the adventure begins!

I really can't believe I'm going to be back in Bologna with all the friends once again. Ready to get busy. Even though I've been there before, in some ways it's still all new to me, in some ways no idea what to expect. A whole new adventure! It really hits you the first time you step on a plane going out of the U.S...when you realize, when the majority of people around you aren't speaking english that this IS really happening!

I know the amount I get out of this trip, is up to how much of me I give.... Next time I write will be on the other side of the world! Madrid next, then Bologna here we come!!! Not sure when that will be so Erik & I give our love to you all! Shoots den! Cheehee!!!!



  1. And it begins!!! haha. Hope you guys have a good one and imma be tuning in for all your guys posts!! shoots take care you guys!!

  2. glad you guys made it.


    p.s. call your mom lol