Monday, April 2, 2012

1st study - "Upper Camp"

I'm still not feeling the greatest, and its gotten colder here in Bologna and I wasn't going to go out in service today , but I did. And I'm so glad I did, because it was very productive! I met up with Zech & Trevor , and we all went to the "Upper Camp" for studies. Trevor found his study Taiwo.
Zech had a great study in the new listen to God brochure with his study. And I was able to study with the man whom I was very sad to leave the last time, Joseph. He was the first man I met, on the first day of going up to the refugee camp last year. So cool to be back here studying with him again!
He is such a great student, who asks great questions, and is very sincere. He has a family with 4 children back home in Ghana, but went to work in Libya for his family, until the war there. When you show him and reason with him from the truths found in the bible, no matter how he may have thought before, he takes what he learns seriously. Today we talked to him about the memorial , and appreciating Jehovahs gift of the ransom, and how its the mot important day of the year. Even though he before would take the emblems at his church, he was convinced after our study, that that's only for a select few, and not for him. He said at the end of the study, that because Jehovah has told us to remember this event, and to show his appreciation, "I WILL be there" he said strongly. I told him I'll be saving him a seat! I am so thankful to Jehovah for allowing me to study with this sheeplike individual once again, back here in Bologna. Productive day indeed!


  1. Hi Kainalu, I'm so glad your Ma shared your blog w/Chris & I, I'm so encouraged by your example & am enjoying living vicariously through you. Haha. You've met so many wonderful bros & sis!

  2. Hi Chris & Beckster great to hear from you! Happy you enjoyed this, and that someone's actually reading these haha, wish all the friends from Hawaii could be here with me.