Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Glimpse of A Missionary Life

Today was such an AMAZING day...period. I had a new study for the first time named Obinah. He is the first study I ever had at the "lower" refugee camp (Here in Bologna we refer to the camps as the upper and the lower, for the upper is on the top of a mountain and overlooks the city). We met him in a beautiful park across the street from the camp to study on a bench. I studied with him using the Listen to God brochure, talking about the memorial and why we should appreciate it. We got into very deep subjects as he asked very deep questions about other observances like easter and christmas, why did his church observe such, the history of such, who should partake of the memorial emblems, who is the 144,000 -just to name a few. After a great, solid, mind picking (talking about MY mind) study he left... and we stayed on the bench....waiting for the next man I would study with Chidi.
Once again explaining the usual important things PLUS many mind picking questions raised, like how do we know the 144,000 did not all go to heaven already? Explaining why he can't go to heaven, about what was the passover, how does he know if he is going to heaven or not. We sat on that bench studying in that park from the morning to afternoon for about 4 hours straight all together.... straight studying. Whew was I tired, and it was cold studying outside maybe in the 40s(f)...& hungry. But so worth it.
Then right after meeting for service - straight to another study, but got something to eat. Conducted one more study with a man named Daniel, we met in a warm mall and studied on a bench in there. His reading comprehension was not the best, so it was a good training for me to really try and explain things in a new simpler way. Gotta admit it was draining, but SO SO in a GOOD way. Especially since he is a very new study, explaining deep things without a foundation really calls for simplicity. He also asked questions like "Is it a crime, since my church in Nigeria observes this every week?" very sincerely. And also asked about other holidays like Easter.
Well after doing the full basic memorial study with him, plus answering his questions, it was evening time already, & I was drained... with a huge smile on my face! And in talking after studying with each of them, it sounds like all 3 men will be coming to the memorial! I told them I will be saving them a seat next to me! I just stayed out a whole day conducting 3 bible studies on very deep subjects- one after the other, with all very sincere, very appreciative, very sheep like men. I think this is how it feels to be a Missionary! To just constantly study with one person to the next, its tiring yet so satisfying and refreshing. For real, this is the life!

And..... Here's a random shot of Erik and me right now, haaa!


  1. Just finished field with Brother and Sister Myers who are here from Bethel. He's giving the Memorial talk tonight at Heeia School. I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you and all you young ones who are serving Jehovah where the need is greater. Can you hear our 'Mother above'cheering you on? Please know that our prayers are definitely with you, especially on this very special day. Much love and aloha....Aunty Kathy Leleo

    1. Thank you SO MUCH auntty Kathy for all your love & prayers! Reading this just amped me up so much, greatly appreciate and need it!

  2. Bra! keep writing! i no even see you all day i gotta read your blogg to see what you been up to! hahahaha chee!!!