Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Goals. (written 4/2)

As a "Mother tongue" speaker of english, when we came here to Bologna, the brothers said they would use us to the full, and " squeeze us" so to speak for meeting parts. Coming here last year as ministerial servant I was given parts I had never done before, pretty much every type of part except that for elders...and public talks. The other brothers here were being sent all over Italy to give outgoing talks. I was not sent because I had not given one yet at my home congregation. Being that english is the foreign language, brothers that can give talks here are not many, so they are definitely happy to see a new face. So it was my goal to go home, ask my elders about it, get an outline, & put together a talk so if ever I came back to Bologna- I could be further used in this way. As of February 12, I did my first public talk on "What Is your Standing with God?".

And as of yesterday Sunday April 1st I gave my first outgoing talk ever, my second talk of my life, reaching my goal! I was sent to a city named Modena, known for Balsamic vinegar. It was such an amazing experience. The congregation there consisted of mostly africans and had about 110 in attendance. One of the bigger attendances in Italy. Some of the friends with me in Bologna came to support, which made the experience even better. The congregation was so appreciative for us coming, and really showed a brotherly love. After the meeting , we were invited to a nice gathering at a beautiful park where we got to talk more, and eat great African food! Check my pictures at the link to the left, to see more.

I almost didn't give the talk because this whole past week I wasn't feeling well with a real bad cough. But I was so close to reaching this goal I was determined to give it. Just prayed and left it in Jehovahs hands, and he helped me. What's nice, is when you give a talk and someone tells you how a specific point you said was just what they needed to hear. That's what makes it all SO worth it. Goal reached! Never thought my first outgoing talk would be in another country!

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