Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jam Packed Goodies

CIAOZITT EVERYBODY (our newest Italian Pidgin word) ! Ok, I had no idea what to call this Blog so I just went with that :0 . Your probably like what?! Huh? Or Aha! Exactly! Ok, who knows- There has just been so much going on EVERY SINGLE DAY we're here, and it's Greaat! It seems like just a few days in time, are weeks that have went by. And really- this week IS just Jam Packed With Goodies! So I've been trying to figure out a way to explain....or at least try to tell you just what's been going on here & what's coming up.... & came up with the idea of making a video/ and Blog mix up.... So I got an app on my IPad, and here's what I came up with, kinda an experiment, something a little different from what I've been doing-Hope you enjoy!!!.........

.....And Coming Back from there was just the beginning to a Jam Packed Goodies week......

Reason 1= We have our Circuit Overseers Visit! (Brother and sister Hodson, he is originally from Newcastle, England. Very cool and encouraging couple)

A) Had the privilege of hearings his talks.

B) Had the privilege to go to some special meetings.

C) Got assigned to work with him in service! ( Was nervous, yet so excited. I got to ask him personal questions about staying to serve here....which I will talk more about in another Blog...Anyhoo!)

D) Got invited to brother Humbles house to eat (African food, cheehee!) with brother and sister Hodson

E) As a family ( 5 Bruddahs of Casalecchio, yes Trevor you are one of da Bruddahs too) we got to feed the Hodsons yesterday! And I must say.... It was really good food! Some Shoyu Chicken, Grilled Salmon fillets, Rice- (Yes Hawaiians Rice!), and fresh Veggies. It was a lot of fun, and I must say we really got to know each other better (Hodsons and us)

F) Last night, Friday was our Public Talk and Congregation Bible Study! Yes , on the same night - Why?.............

Reason 2 for a Week of Jam Packed Goodies= Tomorrow is Italia's Zone Visit!!! How Awesome is that!

Had our last morning of field service with our Circuit Overseer today, and now I'm on the bus approaching my stop to home sweet home... and am I Stanko (no not stink, it means tired....ok maybe small kind stink too)! Anyways more updates to come very soon...& oh yeah next week will be a very exciting Jam Packin Goodies Week again! If you have any questions or suggestions on what I should post feel free to tell me in the comments part of this blog. Aloha!

(Written Saturday 04/28/12, but my iPad wasnt working properly so updated now )

Oh yeah, and it's HOTT here now! Weather totally just changed on us! And we got da newest Hawaiians in - CHEEHEE!!

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