Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Most Important Day of the Year

HELLOOO EVERYBOODY!!! What an exciting, and emotional past week this has been for us as Jehovahs servants. So, two days ago on April 5, 2012- was our memorial, the most important day of the year. How was your memorial??! Awesome I'm sure. This was my first memorial in another country, and my first away from my home congregation. And it was AMAZING....

Well let me start off by saying the attendance for last years memorial here in Bologna was a good 74. That's great, knowing the congregation has 38 publishers. And keep in mind, that attendance was last year...before the refugee camp greatness all started. Well ladies and gentleman, brothers and sisters, how much did we have this past thursday?? ....... 135. YUP! That's more than 3 times the amount of publishers in our congregation. All thanks to the return visits and studies that came! That's almost double the amount of last years attendance!!

In the picture here to the right, you'll see my study Joseph, the first man I studied with from the refugee camp this past July. I was SO very happy to see him. He started by saying "I told you I was going to come!" Haha! He sat next to me in the first row. Here's what he said after the memorial....

There were so many studies and new faces there. It was encouraging to see how Jehovah has really blessed the congregation here in just one years time. How much work there is yet to do, and how Jehovah is really gathering a great crowd right as we near the very end.
As I walked outside the hotel of where our memorial was held to use the restroom, I saw a man standing there intently looking over to where we had our memorial, to where everyone was happily hugging and talking with one another. He was African. I had to go to the restroom, and didnt talk to him though. So as I'm in the restroom, it kept bothering me that I hadn't talked to him! So, I told myself, I would if he was still there. I quickly ran back to where he was...and he was there! Turns out he hadn't come to our memorial. He was from Ghana, and was very impressed to learn that we had those from Ghana, Nigeria, as well as other parts of Africa, with those from America, Germany, etc. there. He said "Its very nice to see blacks & whites together." I was able to tell him this event was all over the world, and that Jehovahs Wittness serve unitedly. I quickly grabbed an invitation and April Watchtower, and invited him to the special talk this sunday. He told me he couldn't make, because he was a professional soccer player on the Bologna team (staying at the hotel) and that they had practice. So, I told him about the bible study arrangement, and he wanted my number. AWESOME!.... The trippy thing, that I realized only later, was that when I was here last year I talked to him! Talked on the bus, and he was not interested. I remember because of the fact that he was on the soccer team here. But because of what he saw tonight, he was interested. AMAZING! So cool Jehovah let me see that! A GRREEAATTT night indeed.

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  1. Dude keep up the good work! Looks like u guys having so much fun!