Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome to My Next Chapter

"If a chapter is finished, then the next is NOW being written." The culmination of these past 4 weeks to the "T" -here in Italy, has journeyed me to this thought. And what a journey its been. So much has happened, did happen, & does happen every day.

So pack your bags, and come journey with me... as we see the conclusion to chapter one, of our Journey here, the beginning to something new....

First of all, the worst part about having friends, is having to leave them - or as I've found even worse, seeing them leave. I can see how hard it is for the congregation here to see new faces, make lifetime friends, and have to see them leave. This past Tuesday marked the day for 5 of our brothers and sisters from Hawaii, to go home. The interchange of encouragement felt here in Bologna because of their love and willing spirit of service to Jehovah brought much hugs and tears to us all. They were interviewed in the announcements on their last Service meeting last week, on what being here did for them, which was very enncouraging. Seeing the congregations reaction proved this. Being all here together for our first 3 weeks , started this Journey Amazingly. Micah, Stetson, Cooper, Joy, & I'moani , we will miss you ALL very much.

In the ministry I had a great 2nd study with Obinna. I decided to use the "Listen To God brochure" for our studies. What a simple and effective tool Jehovah has provided us with! After going over lesson 1, we were able to cover how bible studies on a one to one basis is NOT the only way to listen to God, but at our meetings too. Well he understood, because the very next day he attended our Wednesday night meeting! He has been regular to our Wednesday night meetings! This had brought me much joy to see.

Hmm, ok what else has been going on...?? Well, we had a fun time last weekend in Rome. Being where there was so much ties to so much bible hisory was pretty amazing. Oh, yeah & as of this past Tuesday, we've had a new addtion to our crew- Meet Luke everybody, a pioneer brother, also from Oahu. We've known each other for a long time, but its the first time we get to travel together, and are already getting to know each other on a different level (there's a picture of him at the end of this Blog). Good to have em' up here! I also got my haircut for the first time, from my good Chinese friends I went to last time- for only 8 euros, with shampoo! Another place wanted 25! So stoked about that! I gotta save money...

Finally, tonight will mark the start of moving back into the "Casalecchio House". Its the same house that I lived in last year. Currently, we are living with an awesome brother, who really showed us the Christian Love & hospitality by opening his home to us. We nicknamed him "The Moke" (for those of you from Hawaii you'd understand how funny it is) , and as you can see in this picture, I had the perfect shirt to give him! Thank you Burgo, you really made the start to our trip a great one! We'll be moving in with my two good friends, who are also here to preach Zech and Trevor. You'll find their websites at my links to the left as well. This next month really will be a whole new experience, a whole new chapter already being written as I write these words.

One of my favorite scriptures is in Lamentaions 3:22,23 where it says "It is the acts of loving-kindness of Jehovah...because his mercies will certainly not come to an end. They are new each morning." Yes, all thanks to Jehovah, we are able to wake up to so much new blessings each morning. All thanks to him , new journeys await, new experiences, new people, new chapters begin. Welcome to chapter two of my adventure here....

.......... And this is da new crew!

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