Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bittersweet Start to My Next Chapter

Decided to make a video for this blog, sorry for the unshaven-ness, getting ready to blend in, in Israel.....this is our last day here much sad feelings(in airport now) :



I'll end this blog with one last advice given to me here, by one of the elders close to me. It was given to him while he was at bethel by a member of the governing body , "Don't look back, focus fully on your next assignment"...wherever that may be. Thank you, this is just what I need to hear.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Climb Worth Taking (Part 1)

Dear Readers,

As you've most likely seen by reading our brothers blogs, so much has been happening up here lately, especially with regards to the ministry! There has been purely amazing experiences, with new studies started....and tear jerkers with our progressive studies, as they continue the greatest journey Jehovah could have set before them (lookout for part 2 of this blog).

Many of our studies here as you may already know by reading previous blogs, are refugees. There are two main camps which we go to, to study with them. We refer to them here as the "Upper Camp" , & "Lower Camp". The first camp while here last year that we started going to, was the upper camp. Maybe you've heard of the walk it takes to get there, but I'd thought I'd make a little video showing what it's like. There is a bus that goes up but it RARELY comes, so if you need to study at a certain time the bus doesn't come...stretch dem legs! So here it is, hope you enjoy!....Oh yeah, and be sure to turn your volume up for this one :) ..............

When we did this we had been in service all day, and it was about 6 o'clock, and to be honest I was tired, and wouldn't have mind going to sleep already! But I'm so glad I didn't. It is quite a walk to get there, but it's ALWAYS worth it. The result of reaching the top is as if you've found a Gold mine! Because of how great the studies have been. And the view overlooking the city.... with the cool breeze flowing by... as you discuss Jehovahs words to them... ahh, "Doesn't get better than this". Definitely a climb worth taking. (Be sure to check in for part 2 of this post, on what happened when we got to the Upper Camp on this same day)



Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Small Kine Post About Small Kine Posts

The BIGGER better posts will STAY right here on this website, but I'll also add a new website link for small kine everyday posts, which will be entitled "Small kine Everyday Posts" on the left :)It will be updated more often, with random everyday stuff

It's gonna be at =

And we're having a blast right now this weekend in Napoli, still alive and well - the Mafia hasn't got us yet! Jehovah once again has blessed and taken such GREAT care of us, staying with the Napoli brothers and sisters, most of whom we have never met before, and living with them, getting personal tours of Naples and Capri Isle/Amalfi Coast with them for the weekend, eating "Moto Buono !" Italian hommade cooking getting stuffed to the brim...then getting fed some more, the works! This great love and hospitality ONCE AGAIN reminds me and reinforces in my mind just how much Jehovah loves and cares for us all as his servants. Our trip plans are never for sure on what we may do,but one thing IS for sure, that Jehovah has taken care of us everywhere we've been to while serving here in Italy, in ways I couldn't have imagined. Nowhere else can you experience this, no one else can provide this. All thanks to Jehovah we had an awesome weekend, and once again made lifelong friendships. I couldn't have dreamt or planned this better... Thanks for reading everybody! (More on this soon to come)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Worldwide Family (part 1)

It's Amazing how you can fly far away from home to the opposite side of the world, and brothers and sisters whom you never knew existed, you meet, who instantly show you the same love and hospitality you would find at home...making you feel at home. What a giant spiritual family we have, what special friendships we can make - All thanks to our God Jehovah.

This past week we got to take a cheap flight for a couple days to London + got to go to Dublin, Ireland + saw the countryside of Ireland in Sligo, where we saw that same fact again and over again. Being my first time to all those places, I knew no one, but thanks to some of the friends back home (mahalo, Mile Grazie Aunty Lorraine and Anna!) got to meet up with the friends there. They showed such great Christian love and hospitality to us, making the trip.

We did A LOT, got to see some big Clocks, famous old buildings, red buses, and had some great food. But, more than the places you see, meeting the brothers and sisters around the world, and making friendships can't be beat. The meeting we went to in Dublin had their C.O visit, and we got to see a special video made for those in Ireland, about the history of Ireland's witnesses! Last night we ended our trip in Irelands countryside with a bunch of the brothers and sisters, sitting under the full moon in the woods, by a campfire. We were only there for a short time, but the friendships we made, thanks to Jehovah, can be everlasting.

A big MAHALO to all who contributed to making this week SO AMAZING for us, you know who you are -better keep in touch! Jehovah really took care of us by means of you, more than you may realize. Ciao and Aloha to all the friends in London and Ireland, and to you readers- Have a Great sunshine n' day! Stay tuned for part 2 on more of what happened this past week