Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Bittersweet Start to My Next Chapter

Decided to make a video for this blog, sorry for the unshaven-ness, getting ready to blend in, in Israel.....this is our last day here much sad feelings(in airport now) :



I'll end this blog with one last advice given to me here, by one of the elders close to me. It was given to him while he was at bethel by a member of the governing body , "Don't look back, focus fully on your next assignment"...wherever that may be. Thank you, this is just what I need to hear.


  1. Heard there was a major earthquake recently in Italy, hope you guys weren't affected!

  2. Be strong look forward make new memories and cherish the old. Jehovah's blessings for you and the guys.

  3. Best part.... "so ummm....... P A U S E..... ciao!" haahah

  4. we miss & love you too!!! Jehovah will guide your worry beef curry!

    1. Keep up the great work man. You guys are doing so awesome, can't wait to talk about all our stories when we get back to Hawaii. Take care dude!

  5. I came across your blog and I just wanted to say how encouraging it is to read experiences from fellow need greaters serving in different countries and that are giving their best to Jehovah. I have been serving in the Dominican Republic for almost two years now and it has been an amazing experience as well. The joys overcome the challenges that we encounter in serving in a foreign land and it is a true privilege to be able to serve where the need is great and work for the best boss in the world:) May Jehovah keep blessing your hard work and efforts! I hope that everything is going well in Israel:)