Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Jump In a Wheel Barrel

3160 Gallons of water rushes heavily over Niagra Falls, every second. Every so often, someone tries to cross it.... One day 2 friends were talking to each other, as one of them were about to attempt crossing it , balancing on a tight rope. "I have faith in you", said the friend of the one about to cross, " I know you can do it". " Thank you" , said the one about to cross, "but there's something I forgot to tell you". " I'm going to cross... walking blind-folded". "I have faith in you, I know you can do it", said his friend another time. "Thank you", said the one about to cross , "but there's something else I forgot to tell you". "I'm about to cross, blind folded..... on one foot - across the tight rope". "Its ok. I have faith in you, I know you can do it", said his friend. "There's one more last thing I forgot to tell you", said the man about to cross. "I'm going to cross... blind folded, on one-foot, and ..... while pushing a wheel barrel over the tight rope". "Yes, I know you can do it! It will be ok, I have faith in you", said his friend once more. "Ok!", said the man about to cross..."than jump in the wheel barrel"!

We can say that we trust in Jehovah, that we have faith in him- that he will always take care of our needs when we put him first....But when it comes down to it, will we "Jump in the Wheel Barrel" and show him that we trust him?

I try to remember this illustration as, after much praying, talking with the brothers here, etc. I've decided to extend my stay here. Honestly, I don't know exactly the details, of how we're going to do it. Honestly, financially , my funds aren't the highest, especially after not being home for sometime. But, the territory here is just amazing. Its so "fresh" , and really, the party is just getting started over here (much more details to come in upcoming blogs) and there is a HIGH NEED for "harvesters". Also, there really is a need for brothers here, and I am being used constantly in the congregation- especially for talks, and being trained in many aspects. After carefully weighing the options, I've found that I need to really just, "Jump in the Wheel Barrel".

So as of right now, I'm going all in. I'm supposed to be on a plane back home, but I took a loss to my ticket and said good-bye to two close friends I've served with over these last 3 months(Erik, and Luke love you guys) & my seat flew off without me. I'm trying to sell my car back home, and make some money that can help me last a little longer over here( if anyone is interested let me know, haha). As for where we will live, we're still working out the details. So "Jump in the wheel barrel", I will do. We can see, this is such a huge exciting time for the congregation and it's territory here, and all they need is some workers to get things going. So if Jehovah's w
ill, we will stay. If not, than at least I can say I tried my best, and tried to walk through a door. But I'll never know unless I try. So....I "Jump in the wheel barrel" , and start to see this place not as another foreign land....but as home. Woah! Super excited for what's about to happen!


  1. Congratulations! aloha Rachelle & Alden

  2. Just one question, my friend ... is there a girl in the wheel barrel? Just kidding ... I am very proud of you and I am very excited to see where Jehovah keeps you for now. This is just one step of many that will keep you positive, healthy, and closer to Jehovah. I hope the adventures keep coming, and the faith keeps growing .... Joe