Monday, November 5, 2012

An Hour of Home

Leaving home. Leaving home, there's always things that will be missed. Leaving home, Serving Jah. Serving Jah always brings the most happiness. No matter where you are. Its been about 8 months since I left home.

Leaving home, one thing I've not been able to do is surf. Leaving home, I never thought I could be without it. Leaving home, the harvest is so great here, that I truly see there's no activity more satisfying than our preaching work.

Leaving home, Jehovah always takes care of us. Leaving home, he's always given us our needs....and sometimes, our wants. :)

Stormy days here, so we decided to check the surf report.

Today was truly a blessing from Jehovah. An hour of home.

The thrill of searching for a new spot, and finally finding a good one. One of those great stormy days.

With a board rental right in front of it! With owners, that know your friends from Hawaii- hookups! The exercise of paddling out through solid waves to get out to the spot, and scoring!

The joys of talking about it with your fellow friends after. Joys of driving home with sand on your feet, and salt in your hair- with Kalapana jamming on the stereo!

It took an hour of home, to help me be sure, home was here all along.

( Ever wonder how the surf gets here in Israel, check out this video I put together of our day today! When you don't expect any, anything is nice!)





  1. Happy that you got to surf. From now on when I hear that Kalapana song I will think of you surfing in Israel. Be safe and stay healthy on your epic journey. So proud of your self sacrificing life. Love, Aunty Rona

  2. Wonderful to see young bros enjoying life and enjoying service to Jah! Beautiful! An encouragement to those of us who have young sons, knowing this can be their future too! Keep up the good work!